Recherche colocation à Rennes
Budget : 300 €/mois

Recherche a me loger chez l'habitant

Hi there,
I am searching for a room to rent in Rennes. (legal and official, no black market please)
speak both English and French (but prefer to write in english as it is faster for me).
don't smoke, don't drink. like both physical and mental activities.
Like to talk in different subjects (if others want to talk). travelled a lot.
Expert in IT/TELECOM. Have a very strong academic and research background, So I may be useful in education support specially in math and Engineering/programming
Very good cooker with experience in different school of cooking.
Like animals BUT not inside the appartement.
Very Organized

Informations supplémentaires

  • Homme de 48 ans
  • Situation : Travailleur indépendant
  • Mes revenus mensuels : < 800 €
  • Recherche à partir du : Non renseigné
  • Niveau études : Doctorat
  • Budget locatif : 300 €